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About me

I graduated from York St John University with a degree in Games Design, being awarded the undergraduate programme prize for my academic achievement; I am currently studying a Masters degree in virtual and augmented reality. I have always loved the lore behind games and the vast worlds that they can create. This is what made me want to get into game design and is still something that drives me today. During my time at University I worked on many exiting projects on my own and also as part of a team. I learnt to be versatile doing everything from 3D modelling to visual scripting, however I found a real passion in Level and World Design which can be seen in my portfolio.

I was also given the opportunity to work with Virtual Reality in both Unity and UE4 which presented exciting challenges which i was able to work around; from unique design challenges focused around player interaction to not hitting the wall by accident.


For Stagnant VR I had to create a vertical slice as part of a solo university project, with my interest in Level Design I wanted to make a puzzle based horror game. The game is based around using lights to solve puzzles, the core mechanic being that the player is safe in the light as creatures lurk in the darkness. Being a Virtual Reality game presented many challenges from the movement to readability which were exciting to overcome through the use of different mechanics and lots of player testing. 


For Perceive I worked in a team of 2 to create a VR game which would use the eye tracking built into the HTC Vive Pro. Utilising the Eye tracking we created a game in which the player is being chased by an invisible enemy. They can only see the enemy through the CCTV on television screens and the enemy would stop for as long as the player was looking at them. It was really exciting to design a game in which we knew where the player would be looking and more importantly where they weren't looking. For the game I focused on the VR functionality and we both worked on separate levels.


For Stagnant I wanted to create a multiplayer experience in which the players would solve puzzles together using light. This came from my work into the Virtual Reality version, during that time I had created puzzles that involved multiple players to complete and while creating a proof of concept it slowly developed into its own game.


The Safer Travel project was funded by XR stories, in which I worked in a team of developers and non developers to create a VR experience in which a user can navigate through an airport in VR as if it was real life. A big part of this project was using blueprinting to create a dialogue system in which the player can interact with multiple NPC's and a developer could use to easy add NPCs and unique dialogue to a project.

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